Swedish Massage

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Swedish massage is a well-known type of massage technique used to reduce physical and mental stress, relieve general pain and fatigue, and for general medical benefits. This massage technique is typically performed with the entire body, with the main focus being on the shoulders, back, legs, and arms. Swedish massage uses a variety of movements and strokes at different speeds to help relax the body’s muscles and reduce tension. Special oils are used for relaxation and baths, which make the massage process even more enjoyable. The benefits of Swedish massage include promoting blood circulation in the body, providing strength to muscles, reducing stress, reducing mental anxiety, increasing muscle power, and ensuring general well-being. It is a relaxing, balancing, and enjoyable massage technique that will leave you feeling physically and mentally refreshed.

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Swedish Massage

60 min Rs. ₹ 2799/-

90min Rs. ₹ 3899/-

120 min Rs. ₹ 5599/-

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