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Thai foot Massage: is a type of popular Ayurvedic massage technique, in which the muscles, nerves, and tendons of the feet are gently massaged. This medical technique is a confluence of Indian and Thai medical techniques. It uses the highest quality oils or massage oils such as balms, which provide relaxation and relief to the muscles of the feet. Thai foot, Massage focuses on massaging certain acupoints (types of energy centers) to help the body’s energy flow and improve mind-body balance. People take advantage of it to enjoy it on related occasions and events, from which they can get relief from physical and mental stress. Benefits of Thai foot, Massage include promoting blood circulation in the body, helping nerves function properly, reducing stress, restoring mineral and nutrient balance, and improving sleep. This massage technique is especially suitable for those who are experiencing tension and pain in the feet or need to protect their feet. This can reduce the swelling in your feet and restore high energy levels in your feet.


Thai Foot Massage

30min Rs. ₹ 999/-

60min Rs. ₹ 1499/-

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